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May. 11, 2005 - Read-a-holics; this is for you

Ok. So Obviously it doesn't matter if I update here or not; people still read(actually only two IP are the same) here page after page on a daily basis. **Um to the person who reads daily. Why do you do it? Is my life that interesting that you need to read here every single day; even when I don't update? So I thought you might want to be filled in on some current information.

I got engaged on January 1. It was awesome. We were at the penguin plunge in Jamestown (everyone goes swimming at noon time on Jan. 1st in the freeeeeezzzzziiiinnnggg Atlantic Ocean)at 12:15 P.M. right after his swim. He comes up from the water pushes through the crowd of like 3,000 and got down on one knee, pulled out this monster of a ring and asks me to be his wife!! I said yes.

We started planning right away. Sept 17, 2005 is the official day. Except we ran off and got married on St. Patrick's Day! I needed health insurance and this was the only way the Fire District was going to give it to me (either that or we had to take them to court and that would cost just ast much as my wedding (the September one)) So we did it. We got married on St. Patrick's Day at Murphy's Irish Deli & Bar on Union Street in Providence.

That was where we had our first date; 3/17/00. It was cool. All of our friends were with us and we had so much fun. We only told our parents; who were not there. So for the most part, our families don't know and some of our friends dont know either. eh.

So yeap. I am married and doing fine. My dog is going to be turning one next week and she is the love of my life. If you have the change to get an Olde English Bulldog, I highly suggest it. Abbey Road is the best behaved dog I have ever owned.

The house is coming along. We updated the kitchen a bit. A mini face-lift. I love it. I wish we had the $$$ to actually rip it out and do it over, but as Kevin reminds me,I am the one who wants the big fancy wedding in September that we have to pay for.

This summer is going to be busy. I have baby showers to go to, I am having three bridal showers, we are having graduation parties and we are even trying to work in our Ugly Hawaiian shirt party. So far 2005 seems to be treating us rather well.

Take care.